Thermoseal 1400T1.75” Wide Flat Rail Aluminum Swing Door System

Thermoseal aluminum swing door systems combine technology, premium materials and design features to meet the demanding requirements of Supermarket / Restaurant / Convenient Store Industries. We’ve eliminated the need for heat in the glass by a special heating process to the frame. The 1400T “Wide Flat Rail” utilizes this, offering exceptional thermal protection and durability. Available with a wide variety of options, the Thermoseal 1400T is not only a great new product option for your new glass door application, but is also an excellent replacement option for existing glass door needs!

Features & Specifications


  • Built to last
  • DOE Compliant
  • Leading competitor door replacement - utilizes the same NCO’s, door dimensions & shelving hook points, offering component level and full system replacement compatibility.
  • Optimal operating environment: 70° / 55% RH


  • Standard Shelving – doors less than 79”: Five shelves, shelf depth options include 24”, 27” and 36”. Doorwidth options include 24”, 26”, 28” and 30”.
  • Standard Shelving – doors 79”: Seven shelves, shelf depth options include 24”, 27” and 36”. Door width options include 24”, 26”, 28” and 30”.
  • Double Wide Shelving: Shelf depth options include 27” and 36”. Door width options include 24”, 26”, 28” and 30”.


  • LED’s are designed for discerning commercial markets where light saturation levels, color temperatures, limited artifacts and optimum efficiency is required. DOE comes with a dimming LED driver and occupancy sensor, providing a unique technology


  • Standard Slimline Handles: The Standard Slimline Handles are available in black and polished silver.
  • Elliptical Handles: Elliptical handles are available in black, polished silver, nickel, and black anti-microbial.

NOTE: Other handles available for replacement to match existing product – contact factory for specifics.

  • Standard Door Rails: Standard door rails are available in Satin Silver and Black. Other rails are available to match existing glass doors – contact factory for information.

Energy Consumption Information

This door is designed and certified for use in walk-in cooler and freezer applications. The models and energy consumption rates listed below are a sample of the models certified as compliant with DOE standards and offered for sale. Energy consumption varies by model, and ranges from 0.89 kWh/day to 13.31 kWh/day. Energy consumption rates for all models currently offered for sale can be found here.

Model - Energy Consumption

1400T-MT-2879-1D - 1.1 kWh/day

1400T-MT-2879-2D - 1.75 kWh/day

1400T-MT-2879-3D - 2.4 kWh/day

1400T-MT-2879-4D - 3.06 kWh/day

1400T-MT-2879-5D - 3.71 kWh/day

1400T-LT-2879-1D - 2.86 kWh/day

1400T-LT-2879-2D - 5.3 kWh/day

1400T-LT-2879-3D - 7.76 kWh/day

1400T-LT-2879-4D - 10.22 kWh/day

1400T-LT-2879-5D - 12.68 kWh/day


Door Construction: Aluminum Door Frame, Reversible Door Swing, 3 Pane Non-Heated Glass, Automatic Hold-Open, Hinge Pin, Torque and Sag Adjust, Magnetic Door Gaskets, Standard 27” Deep Shelving, Energy Controller and LED Lights, DOE Compliant

Options: Energy-Free Cooler Door, French Door Frame (cooler applications only), Full Length Handle, Cylinder or POM Lock, Energy Controller, Extra Shelves, Black / White Epoxy-Coated Shelf Posts

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