PolarViewViewing Windows

PolarView Viewing Windows

Thermoseal’s PolarView telescoping viewing windows are an indispensable element in establishing an environment conducive to showing products. Boasting stylish and sophisticated frame surfaces, these windows offer an aesthetically pleasing display that is sure to draw attention and elevate interest in products.

The telescopic design of these windows allows for seamless adjustment to accommodate varying wall thickness, ensuring a perfect fit for any setting.


Ideal for walk-in coolers and freezers, such as beer caves or food prep areas, these windows are DOE compliant and offer increased visibility for viewing displays.

With a focus on customer appeal and adaptability, Thermoseal's aluminum-framed viewing windows are the perfect solution for businesses seeking to enhance their visual appeal while maintaining energy efficiency.

Elevate your refrigerated product displays with these versatile windows, designed to enhance the presentation of your offerings.

Features & Specifications

Product Specifications

Medium Temp 3" to 5.25" Glass Pack 1"

Low Temp 4" to 6.25" Glass Pack 1.875"

Max Zero Energy Size 25 sq. Feet

Minimum Size 20" x 20"

Max Length, Any Direction 81"

Standard Glass: 2 or 3 pane, non-heated or heated (depending on conditions), with 1” or 1.875” thick glass unit. Window comes standard with no electric requirement. For extreme conditions, optional custom window can be requested.

Rail: Wide Rail (3-1/16” face) aluminum frame, simulating “door and frame” look.

Frame: Factory assembled sealed glass unit on the main frame using a telescoping rear sub-frame (as thermal break) to sandwich various wall thicknesses, within limitations. Individual panel installation is required for each net opening. Multiple window installations require the use of 2” (or 1 ½”) wide joining boards between each viewing window.

Telescoping Windows

Telescopic windows exemplify a superior level of engineering compared to conventional windows. The intricate design of these windows allows smaller panels within the framed opening to nest in front or behind successive panels, maximizing space efficiency.

This innovative design enables the creation the viewing windows that can be installed in smaller areas and tighter openings, without compromising on the standard opening size.

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