ClearCool 3600 / 3700PVC Deli Sliding Door

Thermoseal’s ClearCool® 3600/3700 sliding door systems combine thermally-efficient, low-conductivity PVC extrusion profiles made with NSF-listed resins, and our state-of-the-art insulating glass (IG) units manufactured with warm-edge SuperSpacer technology. The SuperSpacer foam spacer system outperforms metal spacer systems, which provides dramatically-lower edge-of-glass condensation via warmer edge-of-glass temperatures than traditional metal spacer systems.

Thermoseal’s SuperSpacer® is a warm-edge spacer system comprised of EPDM foam impregnated with desiccant, a Mylar moisture vapor barrier, and high-strength acrylic adhesive to form a superior edge-of-glass spacer system. SuperSpacer EPDM foam construction allows the desiccant-embedded EPDM foam spacer to work quickly to adsorb moisture inside the airspace, which provides for some of the lowest dew points and frost points in the industry. In addition, the SuperSpacer IG units provide a multi-layer vapor barrier and high-performance secondary sealant to keep moisture out and inert gas in. The visible interior surface of the spacer system is smooth and guaranteed against blistering and bubbling.

Features & Specifications


  • Like-kind replacement for “Thin Pike” slider and other comparable OEM Door Supplier models
  • Low thermal--conductivity PVC extrusion profiles for superior thermal performance
  • Designed to reduce condensation and energy consumption
  • ETL-listed for NSF-2 sanitation compliance and UL 471 safety compliance.
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Lifecycle tested by Thermoseal to 500,000 cycle

Door Construction

  • Frame and Door corners utilize Stainless Steel corner brackets vs. competition’s carbon steel, which will rust when exposed to moisture and create unsightly stains over time.
  • Insulating glass unit’s with Thermoseal’s SuperSpacer® warm edge spacer technology
  • Standard adjustable sealed ball bearing steel roller wheel assemblies for self-closing models; and non-dusting smooth riding glide blocks for manual-closing models
  • Inserts 2.00" into cabinet
  • Flush-mount frames come standard in black, light gray or new proprietary satin anodized silver PVC
  • Mechanically-fastened construction offers strength and dependability


  • Specify ClearCool® 3600 when self-closing is required
  • Specify ClearCool® 3700 when manual closing is desired
  • Hold open feature available for the self-closing CC 3600
  • Keyed lock and keeper available for both models.
  • Multiple glass and solid panel configurations available
  • Like-kind replacement for "Thin Pike" slider and other comparable OEM Door Supplier model
  • Other PVC colors available with sufficient volume

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